Emerging new artist ‘Nanci Correia’ talks about her musical journey from Dubstep to Congo Natty and Jazz

By Natalie Cierebiej-Jeffery

Portuguese born, Nanci Correia, 28, fell in love with music at an early age. Having been inspired by Hip-Hop artist Lauryn Hill, Correia decided to break into the music industry.

“I was six and had a solo in front of thousands of people at school. That is when my mum knew I had a good voice,” she says.

Destined for greatness, Nanci’s mum enrolled her at Pineapple Dance Studios, where she focused on musical theatre. But having a rebellious streak, meant Correia’s music took a different turn in her teenage years.

“I was going clubbing literally every single night. These amazing DJ’s were playing Dubstep, which was such a new genre at the time. It was great because everyone there got to mix and we became a sort of musical family.”

It was here she met rapper Pheobe Hibbert, the other half to the duo: ‘Nanci & Pheobe.’ Through their musical collaboration, Phoebe was able to bring her hiphop vibe and Nancy- her soulful sound, to become a sensation on the ‘jungle music scene.’

Performing at venues all over the world with well established artists like Congo Natty, she was able to hone her musical talent.

“Congo always used to say if you feel a vibe, jump on set.”

This experience meant Nanci got to learn from the best.

“We were so lucky he had such a big audience. We were around people that had been doing it for years and they weren’t shy to tell us if we were doing it wrong.”

Now, things have calmed down. Nanci is looking to explore her roots and incorporate genres she loves into her solo music; Jazz, Blues, and Soul. This will give her a chance to express the ‘honesty’ and ‘naivety’, she feels is missing in the industry today.

But she is taking her time.

“This is my personal life journey. I don’t want to rush things, especially when it comes down to my music” she says.


Click on the link below to check out Nanci’s latest track ‘ Deep’ ft Visionist


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